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Why chooce us?

Extensive Subject & Skill Coverage


Extensive Subject & Skill Coverage

Explore a diverse range of subjects and skill development opportunities. From academic subjects to practical skills, we've got you covered for a well-rounded learning experience.

Interactive learning Resources


Interactive learning Resources

Access interactive learning resources such as quizzes, exercises, games, and multimedia content to boost engagement and enrich the learning process for students.

Personalized tutor matching


Personalized tutor matching

Our tutors adapt teaching to each student's needs and learning style, providing personalized instruction for maximum potential.

Steps to finding your perfect tutor

We're committed to simplifying your learning journey. Get started today by discovering your perfect tutor and illuminate your path to success!


Discover Your Ideal Match

Click on "Find a Tutor" to complete the Tutor request Form and share your preferences and desired subject or skill. Our platform's intelligent algorithm will select tutors tailored to your specific needs.


Get Notified of Your Match

Upon review of your application, you'll receive an email notification. We'll then communicate the suitable tutor match based on your preferences, allowing you to proceed with booking a trial class.


Book a Trial Class

Take the first step in your learning journey by booking a Trial Class with the matched tutor. Explore their teaching style, interact with them, and see if it's a perfect fit for you.


Seamless Class Contract and Enrollment

After a successful Trial Class, enroll confidently and complete the Agreement Form. For any concerns, use the Dissatisfaction Form, and we'll prioritize matching you with a more suitable tutor based on your preferences.


Secure Payment Process

Make hassle-free payments for the class you've enrolled in through our secure payment system. Rest assured that your financial transactions are handled with professionalism and ease.


Embark on Your Learning Journey

Embark on your learning journey! Access class resources, engage interactively, foster a supportive environment, and communicate directly with your tutor via our user-friendly platform.

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About Us

D-lighter Tutor connects parents and students with qualified tutors through personalized matching, sample classes, secure transactions, and a user-friendly interface, streamlining the tutor-finding process for successful learning experiences.

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Join us to empower learners in academic subjects and skills development!

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If you still have questions or you're unsure about your readiness to find your perfect tutoring match, you can check out our full faq section or send us an email.

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D-lighter Tutor is an online-based platform dedicated to connecting parents or students seeking tuition with experienced tutors. Our primary objective is to simplify the process of finding qualified tutors who meet the specific requirements and preferences of parents or students.

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